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Grace Builders

Grace Builders

Ongoing Projects & Volunteer Opportunities


We have many ongoing projects that we would love to have your help with...


  1.  Presnell Trailer Project
    We are helping our brothers and sisters at Bethel Baptist Church as they repair and refurnish the 2 trailers that are the Presnell Family's home. It is a very big undertaking and they need many things including volunteers, money, furniture, household items, and our prayers. For more information on how you might be able to help please contact the church office or Harold Stophel. 
    Home: (828)-963-4195

  2. Wood  Lot Ministry
    We meet every Tuesday year round from 8:30am - 12:30pm collecting, cutting, and splitting donated trees and wood. We also work many extra days when we have volunteer groups and/or special needs.  If you feel you can help in this way please contact Harold Stophel.
    Home: (828)-963-4195 

  3. Other Small Projects
    There are several small projects that need our attention and YOU can help!
    - At Grace: The new steps from the middle parking lot still need some work. We need some grass seed sown on the left side and vines planted on the right side as you face up the steps. (Please contact Jennifer)
    - At Grace: Sort out the tools, nails, screws, and other materials in the Storage Building and Tool Trailer so that we have a better idea of what supplies we already have. (Please contact Harold Stophel 
    Home: (828)-963-4195 )

    - At Grace: Trim some shrubs and prune some trees around the property. (Please contact Jennifer
    - Adopt any item from the "Adopt-A-Project" List
    (Please see Jennifer or Harold)

Helping Hands Woodlot Ministry

Woodlot Ministry

Grace Builders is one of our most active outreach ministries here at Grace. Anyone and everyone is invited to help out with any of the ongoing projects the Grace Builders have lined up throughout the year. There are always diverse opportunities for service and to put your faith into action.

Grace Builders seeks to support the mission of Grace Lutheran Church to Rejoice, Renew, and Respond.  They do this by putting their gifts to good use by doing different projects to improve the property and buildings of Grace Lutheran Church, and to also help those in need in the surrounding community. 


Examples of projects to help improve the church property have included...

  • paving new parking lots

  • building an additional entrance road

  • putting new lighting up in the sanctuary

  • creating and installing a hoist system for banners in the sanctuary

  • various improvement projects on surrounding properties owned by the church

  • upgraded the kitchens at the church

  • made new outdoor signs

  • expanded the choir loft area

  • and more!


Examples of projects to help improve the lives of those in the surrounding community have included... 

  • multiple indoor and outdoor improvements to homes and trailers

  • installed new trailer homes

  • building many wheelchair ramps

  • building many steps and decks

  • many improvements to bathrooms & kitchens

  • replacing rotting roofs

  • and more!


Along the way Grace Buildings partnered with the Watauga Crisis Assistance Network (WeCAN) to start the Helping Hands Woodlot Ministry which is serving hundreds of people in the high country each year! 

The Helping Hands Woodlot Ministry is located next to the Hospitatity House in Boone and is run in partnership with the Hunger Coalition and WeCAN agencies.  A wonderful group of volunteers meets every Tuesday year round from 8:30am - 12:30pm collecting, cutting, and splitting donated trees and wood. The split wood is then given to people who can not otherwise afford firewood to heat their homes during the winter months. The Hunger Coalition issues a voucher for wood to those who qualify. We gather, cut, and split the wood and pay the bills. We also have active partners in this ministry: First Presbyterian Church and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. We are actively looking for other churches, civic groups, etc., to join us.


Want to help with this ministry on your own or by bringing a group?

If you have a fallen tree or trees on your property that need to come down and that you would like to donate to this ministry, or if you can help collect, cut, or split wood, please contact Harold Stophel for more information.  Cell:(828)-789-9127 or Home: (828)-963-4195 

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