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Welcome to

Lutheran Students of Appalachian!

We are a community of students from

Appalachian State University who strive to represent God’s love through all people.  


We accept all individuals regardless of race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and

gender identity, socioeconomic status and political affiliation,

mental and physical ability, marital status,religious background, substance use,

criminal background,documentation status, and age.


We want everyone to feel welcome and are determined to bridge the gap between the

divisions of this world because everyone is created equally in God’s image.

We believe that the Lord’s kingdom reflects the diversity of the world and has no divisions. 

We invite all to join us on the mountaintop as we grow our faith in Christ and love for one another!


- Lutheran Students of Appalachian -


Lutheran Students of Appalachian (LSA) is a dynamic group that gathers each Wednesday at the Councill House (located behind the church) for a meal and fellowship.  Each month is structured much like our Lutheran order of worship:  Gather, Word, Meal, and Sending.

Each year LSA travels somewhere for spring break.  Examples include building homes in Jamaica, serving at Holden Village in Washington State, an educational trip to Lutherland in Germany, and volunteering with a refugee ministry in Florida. For more information about LSA, contact the church office.

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