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Ministers of Grace

What is a Minister of Grace?

A Minister of Grace gives emotional and spiritual care to people 

in their home congregation.  They are carefully trained, supervised and supported so that they can compassionately “stand with” others in a range of life concerns and crisis.  Being a Minister of Grace is sharing with others the love that God shares with us.


What do Ministers of Grace do?

They listen and help members work through hurts and problems.  

They pray and read the Bible with those care receivers who prefer this interaction. They help talk through tough issues like illness and death. They spend time with a care receiver whether in prayer, by calls, cards, or personal visits.


Who can receive care from a Minister of Grace?

A care receiver may be someone who is homebound or in a nursing care facility.  It may be someone who is having family problems, is hospitalized or just found out that they have a serious illness.  It may be someone who is going through a divorce, is searching for a new job, or is having difficulty adjusting to a new community.  It might be a member who is struggling with their faith or someone who needs to have a listening ear.  It may be someone who has a terminal illness.


Who will know that I am a Minister of Grace?

A Minister of Grace will be trained and commissioned at their 

home congregation.  The Pastor(s), Vicar(s), your care receiver, and the Lay Ministry Coordinator are the only ones who will know the person whom you are serving as a caregiver.

Where can I get more information?

If you want more information about Ministers of Grace or about someone you know who might benefit from having a Minister of Grace visit them, you can contact the church office.

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