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Youth Groups

What We're About

In all of our youth groups we believe in building and fostering relationships that...

  • Build Self Esteem and Self Value

  • Create Positive Christian Role Models

  • Provide Safe Environments (Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually)

  • Teach & Model Creation Stewardship

  • Build Leaders for the Christian Church and the World

  • Focus on always having FUN! 

GYM Youth Groups

We have three main youth groups that meet regularly. You can find more information about each group by clicking on the buttons below.











GYM (Grace Youth Ministries) is the umbrella title for all of our youth related things here at Grace! However, this acronym can be a little misleading. While we do have a focus here on Youth Ministries we are aware that families of all makes and models are an important part of the entire community's faith formation. We strive to equip and meet the needs of all of those that we come into contact with – and we know that we have a lot of work to do to be better at equipping all of our families!!

We want everyone that passes through our doors to know that they are greatly loved.
We do not think that youth are just the future of the church. Youth and families ARE the church... HERE AND NOW.

We believe that faith is a lifelong journey. Every step of that journey is shaped by the relationships that we have - from family members to perfect strangers. The body of Christ is not about the building. It's about community. Our congregation is out in the grocery store, the park or the mall just as much as it is in the sanctuary.

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